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For over sixty years, Western Creamery has been providing customers with high quality cultured dairy products. The company, located in Brampton, just outside Toronto, Canada, makes a variety of natural yogurts, cream cheese spreads, pressed cottage cheeses and sour creams. Western Creamery is committed to high quality and its products are the perfect choice for consumers who want fresh and natural products for their families. All Western Creamery products are certified kosher.

Western Creamery Cream Cheese spreads are natural cheese products, made without stabilizers and gums, always fresh with a velvety texture.

Western Creamery Sour Cream is smooth and silky, lightly acidic, easy to blend in all your favourite recipes, produced without additives or preservatives.

Western Creamery Pressed Cottage Cheese is a unique product, delicious just as it is and prized for its qualities in baking for sweet and savoury dishes. Use one of the many varieties as a substitute for ricotta cheese in any recipe.

Western Creamery Yogurt is available in several styles, containing from 0.1% to 3.2% milk fat. No matter which one you choose, this mild-tasting, preservative-free product is your best choice for taste and texture.

Western Creamery products are also available in bulk formats for food service and industrial users. Western Creamery is one of the brands distributed by Liberté Natural Foods inc. (